Storyderm Karen Skin Care Prize Package from Pure Aesthetics

$500 Storyderm Korean Skin Care Prize Package

Prize Package courtesy of Cherece Taylor at Pure Aesthetics~Authorized USA Distributor of Storyderm

Prize Package Includes

  • Ultra Essence Clean~Anti-Aging Cleanser
  • Ultra Essence Aqua~  Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Toner
  • Ultra Lift Powder~Professional Lifting Treatment  (4 count)
  • Princess Peel~Professional Spicule Peel System  (4 count)
  • Peptide Gold~  Peptide Lifting Treatment (3 Treatments)
  • Time Machine Microneedling Patches (10 Patches/5 pairs)
  • E.F.G Advanced Sheet Mask  (5 count)
  • Gold 72 Hour Capsule Mask  (4 count)

Guideline For Prize Entry

You  must  be  a  licensed  professional  to  participate  and  or  win  this  prize.  Please  only  invite  other  professional  Esthteticans  to  the  Facebook  pages.

You must Join Storyderm by Pure Aesthetics on Facebook as part of your chance to win!

  • Find out more about these fine products, your questions will be answered by  the Pure Aesthetics Team.



WINNER!!! Nano Infusion Prize Package

Esthetic  Development Program and Back Bar Serum Package

Trailer For Nano Infusion Program

💥Super Excited For This Program!💥

About Us


Esthetic Development Center~ Online Skill Development

Esthetic Development Center~ Online Skill Development

Esthetic Development Center~ Online Skill Development

Dedicated to your ongoing success with a foundation of online development programs and the tools you need to practice. I stand behind my learning  programs, products, and YOU.


The Orchid Box Vaginal Steam System

Esthetic Development Center~ Online Skill Development

Esthetic Development Center~ Online Skill Development

Steaming for female wellness is an ancient tradition and a feminine rite that honors the sacred space of the womb.

Safe and gentle steaming is achieved though the use of a sauna box, thoughtfully curated organic herb formulas and a boiling vessel.

Spa Development Program Included with the the purchase of the Steam System Or can be purchased separtly.


Color Up CBD Product Lines

Esthetic Development Center~ Online Skill Development

Color Up CBD Product Lines

Color Up is the premier and best trusted line of CBD products on the market. Super Esthi Store is an official distributor of the line made in Denver, Colorado. 

We work closely with Color Up to bring education opportunities to Estheticians not only about CBD, but also business skills and Rockin Retail Sales.


Dermaplaning Supplies

Nano Infusion/Microneedling Devices and Nutritive Serums

Color Up CBD Product Lines

A professionally curated collection of tools, supplies, and products to conduct your beauty business. 

I source your Dermaplaning Supplies from the BEST! Direct from the manufacturer, tested by me to insure only the highest quality is offered to you.

Our Glide! Dermaplaning Oil is our most popular product. You can order a sample pack of blades and Glide! 

Shown here the iLLUMA pen

Nano Infusion/Microneedling Devices and Nutritive Serums

Nano Infusion/Microneedling Devices and Nutritive Serums

Nano Infusion/Microneedling Devices and Nutritive Serums

We use the devices, cartridges, and serums that we sell.

Devices are procured in the USA so the manufacture is just a phone call away and the devices are back by warranty.

Development Program comes with the purchase of your device or can be purchased separately as well.

We have High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic, Apple Stem Cell, and CBD Serums.


Private Label Oil and Serums

Nano Infusion/Microneedling Devices and Nutritive Serums

Nano Infusion/Microneedling Devices and Nutritive Serums

The Super Esthi Store has four products that you can retail to your customers with your own private label.

  • Soothing Oil Serum
  •  Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Apple Stem Cell and Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Vitamin C & Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

Official Distributor of Color Up CBD Products


CBD Master Education Program

You know CBD is special, but you are not sure why. This is not just a trend in the Skin Care and Spa industry, this is a Revolution! Being certified as a CBD Master gives you all the tools to educate your customers on the benefits and uses, create facial protocols, and get comfortable selling retail.

President of Education, Emily Davis, is a fantastic educator with integrity and heart. She will guide you through your online program. She engenders trust and inspires confidence.

Benefits of CBD

  • Local benefits when applied topically
  • Fosters communication from peripheral  nervous system and central nervous system
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Repairs Skin Barrier
  • Balances Acne, Soothes Sensitivity, Improves Firmness and Texture
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Regulates Cell Proliferation 
  • Regulates Sebum Production
  • Excites The Endocannabinoid System in the body for enhanced cellular communication and performance 

Pro Line: Skin Care, Body and Massage Products

CBD is found in every product and step in the facial. From the Foam Cleanser, Exfoliants, Serums, Masques all the to moisturizers, Lotions and Body Products, the CBD Goodness is Abundant!

The scent profile is mild and gender neutral with organic rose essetnial oil for it‘s many skin benefits and high vibration. Rose balances out the earthiness of of CBD making it naturally pleasant for all.

Is CBD Legal To Use And Sell In The Spa?

Yes, 100% leagal. According the the Farm Bill Act of 2018, hemp is a legal crop and CBD is a product of hemp. Hemp is NOT Marijuana.

Some industries such a the military, government, airline for example test for drugs and CBD, although legal may not be acceptable to these agencies.

In the case of some financial institutions and federal laws pertaining to THC and CBD, we recommend that you don’t use CBD in your transaction descriptions. Just Say Color Up Cleanser or Treatment Oil and call the service Green Facial.

Pure CBD VS Full Spectrum CBD Products

Pure CBD contains just the phytocannabinoid, Cannabidiol (CBD). This is a compound that has been isolated from the cannabis plant and is used as a single molecule. This would be just like extracting vitamin C from an orange.

Full Spectrum contains the full array of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. There are over 110 known cannabinoids but only a few that we have identified and know to be therapeutically beneficial. The ones present at levels high enough to be detected are CBD, CBC, CBN, CBC, and THC. The level of THC is below .3% making it negligible psychoactively, and also making it legal to use and sell almost anywhere in the U.S.

More Information in our Information Exchange Blog below.

Life Line: Tinctures, Capsules, Bath Bomb

More information coming soon

Pet Care Line

More information coming soon

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Super Esthies Unite!

Super Esthies Unite!


 I am putting myself forth to provide you with the 25 years of knowledge I have gathered In the Spa Industry. Let's get to know each other.

Licensed Esthetician, Nail Technician, Spa Therapist & CEO

Super Esthies Unite!

Super Esthies Unite!

Super Esthies Unite!


Creating a culture of Super Esthies. Empowerment through knowledge, skills, and of course support!

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Exchange Policy


Product Satifaction

Product Satifaction

Product Satifaction

I have searched high and low to provide what I feel is the hightest quality for the price. Your feedback is important and assists to form these choices. Our reviews tell the story....

Super Esthi Store provides a complimentary Glide Oil and Blade Sample Pack as well as low cost sample packs of blades so you can ascertain the quality before purchasing full size. There are no refunds on products, however we can do an exchange within the first 30 days from date of purchase.

Absolutely no refunds or exchanges for online education courses for any reason. My aim is to resolve any issue to a satisfactory conclusion.


Exchange Procedure

Product Satifaction

Product Satifaction

Please notify me by email leslyn@SUPER ESTHISTORE.COM within 30 days of purchase. Please provide your order date and number for tracking, including reason for exchange and what you would prefer instead. Please note there will be a 25% restocking fee on all exchanged items. Items must be in original packaging, unopened, and unused to be considered for exchange. Purchaser pays the return shipping and any difference in price for the exchange.